PB6000 Cargo / Vehicle Inspection System


The NUCTECH TM PB6000 Cargo/Vehicle Inspection System is an ideal portal security solution for precise non-intrusive container/vehicle inspection. It adopts a new Towing Device to improve its throughput, and applies state-of-the-art Interlaced Dual-energy (IDE) imaging technology. With this new technology, PB6000 can inspect conventional cargo contained in trucks, ocean going containers, and other kinds of containers mounted upon trucks, automobiles, and cargo vans, with distinguishing organic materials and inorganic materials inside, which facilitates to find
out contrabands, dangerous materials and other threats such as drugs, explosives and weapons more quickly and effectively without opening the cargo.

Technical Features
Precise portal security solution with patented IDE technology for high quality organic/inorganic material discrimination
Innovative towing device drags cargo trolley through the scanning tunnel smoothly and guarantees the high quality images
Radiation level conforms to IAEA,ICRP and WHO without any radiation remnant
All the core technologies for the system are owned by NUCTECH


Scanning equipment
Test and detection equipment
Tools/Safety equipment