Progeny™ ResQ™ 1064nm handheld Raman

In today’s world, most threats such as homemade explosives, impure (Dirty) hazardous chemicals, and narcotics are composed of colored materials. Impurities and moisture content can lead to inability for accurate and timely detection and identification of suspicious substances by handheld devices.
The latest in rugged chemical detection, Progeny ResQ 1064nm handheld Raman analzyer, overcomes sample interference issues and provides rapid detection and identification of the largest number of unknown substances – even through packaging such as plastic, clear glass and amber bottles. New 4C mode monitors incidents and alarms users if a specific threat recipe is indicated by detection of a combination of individual chemicals over a user specified period of time. The onboard camera further expands response, allowing a user to capture the sample image that is stored with the analysis, enhancing chain of custody.
With an easily expandable library of over 12,000 substances, and an additional comprehensive library of TICS/TIMS, CWA’s, Progeny ResQ provides teams with the highest level of threat detection and identification available today. This system includes free library updates, software upgrades, support, and 24/7 reachback for the life of the unit. Contact us today for details,

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