RF9010 Railway Cargo / Vehicle Inspection System

The NUCTECH TM RF9010 Railway Cargo/Vehicle Inspection System is an X-ray scanning system used to inspect railroad vehicles as they pass through the scanning tunnel. Using 9MeV high-energy electron linear accelerator as its radiation source and a specially designed fast-sampling (FS) technology and speed self-adaption (SSA) technology, the RF9010 is an ideal solution for non-intrusive and rapid inspection of railway vehicles at a fixed railway station or border crossing. The system can penetrate railcars while generating, processing and storing the image data taken from a rolling freight railway train at speeds of up to 30 km/h without any image distortion.
Technical Features
Secured drive-through railway security solution at speeds up to 30km/hr without any image distortion
Automatic image separating function to identify and store images of each railway car of a long
Unique FS and SSA technologies for high performance
Advanced IDE technology for material discrimination as option
Function well in harsh weather conditions such as extremely cold, hot, windy, rainy or snowy
All the core technologies for the system are owned by NUCTECH


Scanning equipment
Test and detection equipment
Tools/Safety equipment