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NUCTECH™ PB2000 Cargo Inspection System is a mini-sized relocatable cargo inspection system with an Electron Linear Accelerator (LINAC) as its X-ray source. A portal framed structure and compact radiation protection facility make a small footprint. It is used to detect contrabands and threats such as smuggles, explosives, weapons, drugs and other items concealed in bulk cargos which are distribute
The NUCTECH TM FS6000 is a unique high throughput drive-through portal X-ray inspection system. Adopting accelerators energy levels ranging from 3MeV or 6MeV, FS6000 is an ideal free-flow security solution for inspecting cars, cargo containers, empty containers, container trucks at seaports, border crossings, airports and etc.
NUCTECH TM FS6000MF is a new generation high energy portal container truck and passenger vehicle inspection system which provides efficient screening methods and high quality imaging. NUCTECH TM FS6000MF is an ideal product for inspecting almost all vehicles such as container trucks, cargo trucks, cars, vans, mini buses, and SUVs at border crossings, seaports, airports, important facilities, etc.
The NUCTECH TM AC6015XN Air Cargo Inspection System (hereafter, the NUCTECH TM AC6015XN), is a new generation air cargo inspection system based on Fast-Neutron plus X-ray radiography technology. It provides efficient cargo screening, powerful material discrimination and color-coded images. Incorporating the state-of-the-art Fast Interlaced Neutron and Dual-energy X-ray (FINDEX) Imaging technology,
The NUCTECH TM MT1213LH is the latest product in the Mobile Container/Vehicle Inspection System. It adopts the linear accelerator as its radiation source which was developed by NUCTECH. The MT1213LH is a completely self-contained X-ray inspection system which combines elegant design and appearance, with flexible maneuverability and rapid deployment.