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NUCTECH COMPANY LIMITED offers RT series Raman spectrometer for rapid, accurate identification of unknown liquids and solids such as threat liquids, narcotics and explosives. Based on Raman spectroscopy, RT series Raman spectrometer can analyze the substance in question quickly and provide an immediate, reliable result within 5 seconds typically.
The NUCTECH TM TR series is applied to identify the presence and type of trace substances of explosives and narcotics, which may be collected from sampling on baggage, vehicle, and even people. Adopting a reliable trace detection technology based on Ion Mobility Spectrometry, the TR series provides high sensitivity and flexibility in detection of a wide range explosives and arcotics in a fast ana
Realize your scanning projects from planning to operational implementation with successful results.
​The VISOR-C, compact under vehicle inspection and imaging system provides customs and border control officers with detailed images of the undersides of small classes of vehicles – cars and small vans.
​The VISOR-S, static under vehicle inspection and imaging system is used for permanent inspection stations.