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ValueQuest® - The integrated platform to secure revenue operated by Customs, providing the most advanced tools in risk management, classification and valuation.
NUCTECH TM FS6000MF is a new generation high energy portal container truck and passenger vehicle inspection system which provides efficient screening methods and high quality imaging. NUCTECH TM FS6000MF is an ideal product for inspecting almost all vehicles such as container trucks, cargo trucks, cars, vans, mini buses, and SUVs at border crossings, seaports, airports, important facilities, etc.
Passive Cargo Scanner that identifies explosives, weapons, drugs, tobacco, alcohol, humans, other contraband, as well as unshielded to heavily shielded radiological and nuclear threats.
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Cotrack® is a powerful solution for monitoring a vehicle and its cargo using a combination of state-of-the-art telecommunication technology, GPS, electronic seals and unique, integrated Customs transit monitoring software.